Go Somewhere New Without Leaving Home
        We know what you're all thinking - "It's day who-knows-what of quarantine and I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy." We get it, and we're all in the same boat! Although we can't head out for happy hour or go shopping at the mall, there are still possibilities of feeling away from home while still being at home. How? By a little home improvement of course! It’s easy for the days to feel the same every day when you’re not leaving your home, however, we’re here to show you just a few simple ways to spice up your home decor without having to leave your home! 

Adding or replacing your current floor rug.

We all know that a rug/carpet ties a whole room together. Add some excitement by switching up one of your rugs - it'll feel like a different room! Shop our rugs and carpets here to find the perfect one for you!
Our Mexican Wool Rug with Double Diamonds is the perfect modern look!                          


  Adding a new throw blanket/pillow to your collection.

Who knew something so simple would make such a huge difference? Swap out your favorite throw blanket or pillow for something new! Who doesn't love a new cozy blanket? 


Add a poster or a wall hanging.

Have a blank space on one of your walls that you've been dying to decorate? Well now is the time! By adding a poster, wall hanging, or photograph, you're adding your own personal touch!     



 Replacing your kitchenware.

Another simple change you can make to add a new touch to your home. Let's face it, we've all been learning new recipes during this time, so why not "spice" things up in the kitchen to make you even more excited to become the next Martha Stewart? 


Replace a larger piece of furniture.

Although this will probably take the most work, without a doubt it will make the most difference. Something so simple as replacing your nightstand and coffee table can change the dynamic of the whole room!