The Transition Edit

Adjusting to the times can be tough, especially because we have so much more free time than usual on our hands. Whether you are a high school student, newly unemployed, or a seasoned C-suiter, we all have a new set of challenges - all including how to internally adapt to our newfound reality. Have you found yourself unable to stick to routines, keep your energy stable, or keep stress levels low? Keep reading to find some inspiration on how to adjust below.

How’s your morning routine?

You’ve just met a brand new day. Make it worth your while! Set your energy levels with the appropriate nutrition, athleisure, and skincare essentials to have you feeling your best. Apply a natural beauty look to switch your mood from home to work.

Day Life: Slip Into It

Get dressed for your day, and have fun with it! Make sure the fabrics physically mesh with the textures of your bed, kitchen table, or couch for optimal ease. Being productive is important, but being comfortable is too. Soft fabrics, relaxed silhouettes, and simple accessories are the best ways to bring your activities and home life into one.     

Midday Must-Haves

Gain some midday clarity by activating your senses! Essential oils in the form of balms, mists, and diffusers allow you to control both the fragrances on your environment and body to bring pleasantry to the present moment.

Reset & Replenish

Encourage your mind and body to reset with these practices. herbal salt baths, magnesium lotions, and fragrance-infused massage oils are fundamentals that can do wonders to your health over time while bringing you back into your body after a long day or week.